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Chassis 14010100

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Chassis for Single-brush 4D sander

The Chassis of a 4D single-brush sander is the main structure on which all components are mounted. It's a strong, sturdy piece of metal (no plastic at Repex Floor!). It ensures the support and stability of the sander during use.

The main function of the frame is to provide a solid platform for all sander components, including the motor, handle, vacuum system, sanding or polishing mechanism, and all other parts. It ensures that all these parts are properly aligned and held in place, which is essential for safe and efficient operation.

When it's time to change your single-brush sander's frame depends on its overall condition, level of wear and structural strength.
Here are some signs that it may be time to replace it:

1. Visible damage: if you notice obvious signs of deformation, cracks, breaks or major damage to the frame, it's time to replace it.
2. Instability or excessive play: if you notice that the frame has excessive play, or that the sander is no longer stable during use, this may be a sign that the frame is worn or damaged.

3. Poor overall performance: if the sander no longer works properly or does not produce the expected results despite regular maintenance, this may be due to a problem with the frame.

It is important to replace the frame as soon as you notice signs of deterioration or major damage, to ensure the proper operation and safety of the single-brush sander. Frame replacement must be carried out by a qualified professional. User safety is paramount, and any defective or damaged parts must be replaced promptly to avoid any risk of accident or injury during use.

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