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Lip seal tensioning shaft interior - Repex Floor
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Lip seal tensioning shaft int

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Lip seal tensioning shaft interior 623210

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Lip seal tensioning shaft interior

Lip seal tensioning shaft interior


The main function of the Lip seal tensioning shaft interior is to seal and protect the area around the tensioner shaft inside the sander. It prevents dust, debris and other contaminants from entering the sander's internal components, helping to maintain the machine's performance and extend its life.

The wear points of the inner tensioner shaft lip seal depend on a number of factors, including the intensity of use of the sander, the types of material being sanded and the working environment. Here are some common signs of wear on this seal:

1. Dust leakage: If you notice dust escaping around the tensioner shaft area inside the sander, this may indicate that the lip seal is damaged or worn.

2. Reduced dust collection efficiency: A faulty lip seal can lead to reduced dust collection efficiency, as it allows dust to enter areas where it should not.

3. Unusual noises: A damaged lip seal may cause unusual noises when the sander is running.

4. Reduced performance : If you notice a significant drop in the sander's performance, this may be due to wear of the lip seal, as it can cause disturbances in the tensioner shaft drive mechanism.

In general, it is recommended that you replace the inner tensioner shaft lip seal on the Cyclone sander as soon as you notice any signs of wear or deterioration. Replacement of the lip seal should be carried out in accordance with the sander manufacturer's Repex Floor recommendations and using appropriate replacement parts. This will maintain the sealing integrity of the sander and ensure that it operates correctly.

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Lip seal tensioning shaft interior

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