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Ball and socket joint - Repex Floor
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Ball and socket joint

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Ball and socket joint 12040005

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Ball and socket joint

Ball and socket joint

Ball and socket joint for MAJOR sanders

The ball and socket joint on the frame of the Major sander is an important part that provides a flexible link between different parts of the frame, making the sander easier to handle and move around. Here are its main functions and some information on how to maintain it:

Function of the ball joint :

1. Articulation: The ball joint is designed to allow the sander frame to articulate, making it easier to move the tool over various surfaces. It allows the sander to adapt to the contours of the workpiece.

2. Flexibility: The ball-and-socket joint offers a degree of flexibility in the direction and angle of attack of the sander, which can be essential for obtaining a precise and uniform sanding result.

With regard to wear points and when it is necessary to replace this part, here are some general guidelines:

1. Excessive play : One of the most common signs of ball joint wear is the appearance of excessive play. If you notice abnormal play or a loss of firmness in the sander joint, this may indicate that the ball joint is worn.

2. Difficulty holding a position: If the ball joint does not hold the desired position and the sander tends to move involuntarily during work, this may indicate a problem with the ball joint.

3. Noises or squeaking : Unusual noises, such as grinding or rattling, when using the sander can also be signs of wear on the ball joint.

4. Visually damaged : A visual inspection may reveal obvious signs of damage, corrosion or deformation of the ball joint. If the part is visibly damaged, it should be replaced.

The timing of replacement will depend on the frequency of use of the sander, the intensity of the work performed and the quality of the ball joint. In general, it is advisable to check the condition of the ball joint regularly when servicing the sander. If you notice any signs of wear or problems, it's best to replace it quickly to avoid any risk of breakdown or inefficiency during work.

In summary, the ball-and-socket joint on the Major sander frame plays a vital role in the tool's manoeuvrability, and it's important to monitor it regularly for any signs of wear and replace it as necessary to maintain the tool's performance and safety.

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Ball and socket joint

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