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Vacuum Basket Tube - Repex Floor
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Vacuum Basket Tube

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Vacuum Basket Tube 14110100

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Vacuum Basket Tube

Vacuum Basket Tube

Vacuum Basket Tube for the 4D2 vacuum cleaner of the 4D monobrush.

The 4D2 vacuum cleaner basket tube is an essential component that plays a crucial role in the vacuum system. It acts as a support for the vacuum basket and holds the entire sander and basket above the sander, offering greater mobility on the jobsite.

The main function of the vacuum basket tube is to:

1. Vacuum basket support: provides solid, stable support for the vacuum basket, enabling it to be positioned above the single-brush sander.

2. Holds the vacuum cleaner in place: the vacuum basket tube also holds the vacuum cleaner in position, enabling the whole unit to be securely fastened.

3. Improved mobility: by holding the vacuum cleaner and basket above the sander, the tube makes it easier to move the unit around the worksite, giving the operator greater freedom of movement.

When to change the vacuum cleaner basket tube depends on its state of wear and its ability to provide solid support for the basket and vacuum cleaner. Here are some signs that may indicate it's time to change the part:

1. Visible wear: if you notice deformations, cracks, damage or broken parts on the vacuum cleaner basket tube, it may no longer be able to provide the necessary support.

2. Instability: if the vacuum cleaner basket tube does not hold the basket and vacuum cleaner stably in place during operation or travel, the mobility and safety of the assembly may be compromised.

3. Difficulty attaching: if you have difficulty attaching the vacuum basket correctly to the tube, this may indicate that the tube needs replacing.

We recommend checking the condition of the vacuum basket tube regularly, and replacing it as soon as signs of wear or failure appear. A vacuum cleaner basket tube in good condition ensures reliable and secure support for the vacuum cleaner and basket, enabling greater mobility and efficient use of the 4D single-brush sander on the jobsite.

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Vacuum Basket Tube

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