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Fabric vacuum cleaner bag - Repex Floor
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Fabric vacuum cleaner bag

Reference -14110210

Fabric vacuum cleaner bag 14110210

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Fabric vacuum cleaner bag

Fabric vacuum cleaner bag

Fabric vacuum cleaner bag for 4D2 single-brush vacuum cleaner

The Fabric vacuum cleaner bag is an essential part of the vacuum system. It collects dust, debris and particles generated during sanding, in a similar way to the paper vacuum bag. The main difference lies in the bag's material, the cloth bag being reusable and washable, unlike the paper bag, which is generally disposable.

The main function of the cloth vacuum bag is therefore to :

1. Collect dust: like the paper vacuum bag, the cloth bag collects the dust, shavings and debris sucked up by the suction system, helping to maintain a clean working environment and preventing the dispersion of dust in the air.

2. Easy waste disposal: the fabric vacuum bag can be removed from the vacuum cleaner, emptied and washed, then replaced for later use. This allows the bag to be reused, which can be more economical and environmentally friendly than using disposable paper bags.

3. Filter dust: the fabric bag also acts as a filter to trap the finest dust particles, improving suction efficiency and helping to maintain cleaner air in the working environment.

As for when to change the cloth vacuum bag, this depends on its capacity and filling level, as well as its state of cleanliness. Here are a few signs that may indicate it's time to change the part:

1. Full bag: if the fabric vacuum bag is full or close to its maximum capacity, it needs to be emptied and cleaned, or replaced with a clean bag to continue vacuuming effectively.

2. Visible wear: if the fabric bag shows tears, holes or damage, it may no longer be performing its dust collection function properly and should be replaced.

3. Difficult to clean: if the fabric bag becomes difficult to clean, or if successive washings fail to keep it sufficiently clean, it may be time to replace it.

We recommend that you regularly check the condition of the cloth vacuum bag while using the 4D single-brush sander, and replace or clean it as soon as it becomes full or shows signs of wear. A cloth vacuum bag in good condition helps maintain efficient suction and keeps the working environment clean when using the sander.

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Fabric vacuum cleaner bag

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