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Transformer case - Repex Floor
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Transformer case

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Transformer case 1923

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Transformer case

Transformer case 

Transformer case, only for Repex three-phase engines

Transformer case, a transformer kit for a three-phase motor is a piece of equipment used to convert the electrical voltage and adapt it to the specific needs of a three-phase motor from the Repex Floor range. It modifies the input voltage to match the electrical characteristics required by the motor.

Here are some important points to know about transformer cases for three-phase motors:

1. Voltage conversion: Three-phase motors require a specific voltage supply. The transformer acts as an intermediate device between the power source and the motor, converting the electrical voltage of the main power supply into a voltage suitable for the three-phase motor.

2. Power matching: In addition to voltage conversion, the transformer case can also match the electrical power to meet the needs of the three-phase motor. This can include adjustments to current, frequency or other electrical parameters, depending on the motor specification.

3. Portable and convenient: The Repex three-phase motor transformer case is designed to be portable and easy to carry. This makes it easy to move and use on different sites or in different working environments.

4. Protection and safety: The transformer case is also equipped with protection devices for the three-phase motor. These may include voltage monitoring devices, circuit breakers or fuses to prevent overvoltage or overcurrent, and earthing devices to ensure electrical safety.

If you have any questions, we recommend that you consult Repex Floor's technical teams.

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Transformer case

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