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Transport stretcher

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Transport stretcher 12000098

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Transport stretcher

Transport stretcher 

Transport stretcher for the Major sander

The transport stretcher designed for the sander is a practical, robust solution for moving the sander over difficult surfaces such as gravel floors. It offers a number of significant advantages for professional users and site operations:

1. Robust structure: The stretcher is built from strong, durable materials. This robustness means it can effectively support the weight of the sander, which can be considerable, while withstanding the harsh conditions found on a worksite. This robustness also guarantees the stretcher's longevity, making it a reliable long-term investment.

2. Ergonomic handles: The stretcher handles are ergonomically designed. They provide a comfortable grip and make it easy to manoeuvre the sander. This allows the user to move the machine with ease, even on uneven or rough surfaces.

3. Compact storage: One of the advantages of the transport stretcher is its compact storage capacity. When not in use, it can be folded up or disassembled to save storage space. This feature is essential for worksites where space is limited.

4. Spacious loading platform: The stretcher is equipped with a generous loading platform. This platform provides ample space for the sander to rest stably. It also allows other tools or equipment to be carried if required, improving efficiency on site.

5. Additional accessories: The stretcher can be supplemented by other accessories depending on the specific needs of the user or the task in hand. For example, an additional trolley can be added to carry supplies or related materials, providing an even more versatile solution for construction professionals.

In short, the sander transport trolley offers a practical and efficient solution for moving this heavy equipment over difficult terrain while protecting it at the same time. Its sturdiness, ergonomic handles, compact storage, spacious loading platform and the possibility of adding accessories make it a valuable tool on the worksite, improving both the productivity and durability of the sander and making the work of professionals easier.

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Transport stretcher

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