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Endless belt drum - Repex Floor
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Endless belt drum

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Endless belt drum 12120000

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Endless belt drum

Endless belt drum

Endless belt drum for MAJOR sander.

Advantages :

1. Sanding support: the endless belt drum serves as a support for the sanding belt used in the sander. It holds the belt securely in place and allows it to turn evenly during sanding.

2. Sanding large surfaces: Endless belt drums are particularly effective for sanding large, flat surfaces such as floors, tables or panels. The endless belt provides a continuous sanding surface, enabling large work areas to be covered quickly.

3. Easy sanding belt change: Using a drum with an endless belt makes it easy to change the sanding belt. Simply remove the worn belt and fit a new one to the drum. This saves time and ensures smoother operation when changing abrasives.

4. Sanding versatility: Endless belt drums can be used with different types of sanding belts for different materials and finishes. This allows a variety of sanding tasks to be carried out, from coarse sanding to remove material to fine sanding to achieve a smooth surface.

5. Sanding level control: xz drum is designed to allow precise adjustment of the sanding height or level. This provides additional control to achieve the desired thickness or flatness when sanding uneven surfaces.

6. Even, uniform sanding: Thanks to the continuous rotation of the endless belt on the drum, sanding is carried out evenly and uniformly over the entire surface. This reduces the risk of unwanted marks or defects caused by irregular movements.

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Endless belt drum

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