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Site cleaning pack - Repex Floor
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Site cleaning pack

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Site cleaning pack 14110400

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Site cleaning pack

Site cleaning pack

Site cleaning pack for 4D single-brush sander

The Site Cleaning Pack is a vacuum system that collects dust, debris and particles generated during the sanding, polishing or cleaning process. Its main role is to keep the work area clean by removing residues and dust, improving visibility of the surface to be treated and reducing the amount of dirt dispersed into the environment.

The main advantage of an integrated vacuum cleaner is the convenience it offers in terms of mobility. Unlike external vacuum cleaners, which can be cumbersome and need to be moved separately, the integrated vacuum cleaner is usually mounted directly on the single-brush sander, making it easy to move the whole machine. This means that the operator can concentrate solely on the movement of the sander without being hindered by an external vacuum cleaner following the machine.

As for when to consider changing the integrated vacuum, here are some signs that it may need replacing:

1. Loss of suction efficiency: if you notice that the integrated vacuum cleaner is no longer able to collect dust efficiently, or that the amount of dirt remaining on the work surface is increasing, this may indicate a problem with the vacuum cleaner.

2. Abnormal noises: unusual noises from the vacuum cleaner, such as squeaking, excessive vibration or rattling, may be a sign of malfunction or worn components.

3. Leaks or obstructions: if you notice dust leaks or obstructions in the suction system, this may affect the vacuum cleaner's performance and require repair or replacement.

4. Physical damage: any physical damage, such as cracks or deformations on the vacuum cleaner housing or suction hoses, may affect its operation.

It is important to keep the built-in vacuum cleaner in good working order to guarantee optimum performance of the single-brush sander and to ensure a clean and safe working environment. If you encounter any of these problems, or suspect that the integrated vacuum cleaner is defective, we recommend that you call a Repex technician and contact the after-sales service department to carry out the diagnosis and replace the part if necessary. Be sure to use genuine Repex Floor spare parts to ensure perfect compatibility with your single-brush sander and to keep its performance at its best.

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Site cleaning pack

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