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Brown diamond segment - Repex Floor
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Brown diamond segment

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Brown diamond segment 13060400

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Types of application

Type of abrasive

Brown diamond segment

Brown diamond segment

Brown diamond segment for 4D monobrush with concrete pad 

Price for set of 4


For screed

Jute / synthetic backing


Grit size 70 Medium Textured Floor Surface
Designed for fast, efficient sanding of newly installed screeds.

The 4D concrete sander with black diamond segment is a useful tool for treating and polishing concrete. The diamond segment is made up of industrially synthesised diamond particles that are extremely hard and abrasive. These particles can be used for precision grinding and sanding operations on concrete surfaces.
Here are some common uses for a concrete sander with a diamond segment:

1. Levelling surfaces: The diamond segment concrete sander can be used to level uneven concrete surfaces, eliminating imperfections, irregularities and differences in level. This is particularly important when preparing concrete floors for the installation of floor coverings such as tiles, wood floors or epoxy coatings.

2. Sanding and polishing: It is also used for sanding rough concrete surfaces, to achieve a smoother, more uniform finish. In addition, the diamond segment can be used to polish concrete, giving a shiny, wear-resistant finish.

3. Removing coatings : The concrete sander with diamond segment can be used to remove existing coatings such as paint, resins, adhesives, sealants or plasters from concrete surfaces.

4. Preparing surfaces for repair: When repairing damaged concrete, the diamond segmented sander can be used to open up the pores in the surface to facilitate the adhesion of new repair materials, such as repair mortars or fillers.
5. Aggregate exposure: Some concrete design projects require the exposure of the aggregates present in the concrete. The diamond segmented concrete sander can remove the thin layer of cement around the aggregates, highlighting their natural appearance and providing an aesthetic finish.

It is essential to note that using the diamond segment concrete sander requires a certain amount of expertise, as incorrect use can result in irreparable damage to the surface of the concrete.

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Brown diamond segment

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