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3D speed tray

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3D speed tray 14090180

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3D speed tray

3D speed tray 

3D speed tray for 4D single disc PADS Ø180MM

The 3D speed tray for 4D single-brush machines is designed specifically for applications on concrete. It is equipped with three motorised, rotating Velcro discs for fast, uniform polishing during the finishing stages. This satellite plate is compatible with all 180 mm diameter pads operating at a speed of 600 rpm.

Replacement of this part may be necessary in the following situations:

1. Pad wear: If the rotating velcro pads show signs of excessive wear, such as tearing or reduced polishing efficiency, it is recommended that the pad be replaced.

2. Motor failure: If the rotating discs are no longer working properly due to motor failure, replacement of the 3D Speed disc tray may be necessary to maintain optimum single brush performance.

3. Structural damage: In the event of structural damage to the platen itself, such as cracks or deformation, it is advisable to replace it to avoid any negative impact on polishing quality.

4. Change of application: If you change from one concrete application to another requiring a different platen, replacement may be necessary to ensure proper adaptation to the new task.

It is important to follow our maintenance and parts replacement recommendations to ensure optimum equipment performance. If in doubt, consult our after-sales service or a qualified professional.

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3D speed tray

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