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Classic Concrete plate
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Classic plate

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Classic plate 13060000

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Classic plate

Classic plate 

Classic plate for 4D monobrush supplied without segments

The Classic plate plays a versatile role in both wood and concrete applications. Comprising 4 fixed notches for inserting diamond segments, this plate can be used in a number of contexts. In the roughing phase on wood, it grinds a screed and removes glue. In the case of concrete, it is also used to remove glue and plane a screed before sanding the floor.

The need to replace this part may arise in the following situations:

1. Notch wear: If the fixed notches for the diamond segments show signs of noticeable wear, they may need to be replaced to maintain the efficiency of the platen.

2. Structural degradation: Damage such as cracks or deformation of the platter could compromise its performance, warranting replacement.

3. Changing needs: In the event of a change of application or specific needs, replacement of the platter may be considered to adapt to new work requirements.

Overall, the Classic Plate is emerging as a multi-faceted essential, capable of meeting the challenges of wood roughing and concrete preparation, with diamond segments for optimum performance, requiring wise replacement to ensure continued efficiency.

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Classic plate

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