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SOFT satellite plate interface Ø 150 MM - Repex Floor
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SOFT satellite plate interface Ø 150 MM

Reference -13100610

SOFT satellite plate interface Ø 150 MM 13100610

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SOFT satellite plate interface Ø 150 MM

SOFT satellite plate interface Ø 150 MM

SOFT satellite plate interface Ø 150 MM for 4D and 5D sanding head on the 4D single-brush sander

SOFT satellite pad interface Ø 150 MM on the 4D sander: Your ally for efficient, precise sanding!

Interfaces play an essential role in sanding, compensating for irregularities in the floor as a function of wear. This crucial function is designed to save machines' satellite plates from costly investment, while ensuring optimum flexibility of use.

Use it as a shock-absorbing cushion between the sanding abrasive and the sanding pad. The ideal thickness for sanding on curved surfaces. Minimises the risk of excessive sanding and allows you to get into the hollows of the floor.

If you're looking to enhance complex surfaces, then the SOFT Satellite Plate Interface is the tool for you. Designed to enhance the capabilities of your 4D sander tenfold, this revolutionary technical accessory takes your sanding experience to a whole new level.

1. Sculpting the unattainable :

The SOFT interface is your ideal partner when you're tackling recessed elements. It ensures perfect contact between the platter and the surface, gracefully following the slightest curves and roundings.  

2. Smooth surfacing :

When surfacing is required, the SOFT interface becomes an indispensable ally. Its adjustable flexibility reduces the aggressiveness of sanding. It offers a delicate touch that encourages the surface to lock into place, ideal for correcting minor defects while preserving the integrity of the material. It's the secret of a perfect finish, without compromise.

3. Protect to last :

Your platen is the heart of your sander, and its dedicated protector is the SOFT interface. By providing a barrier between the platen and the surface, it extends its life by preventing unnecessary damage. Proactive protection for a lasting investment.

In conclusion, your SOFT satellite platter interface is much more than a technical accessory; it's your partner. Carve with precision, surface with elegance, protect with intelligence. Don't just replace a part, enhance your sanding experience with the SOFT interface, where technology meets art.

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SOFT satellite plate interface Ø 150 MM

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