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Plate double-sided

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Plate double-sided 14160000

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Plate double-sided

Plate double-sided

Plate double-sided Ø406 mm for 4D single-brush machine

The Plate double-sided for 4D single-brush machines is an essential piece of equipment, combining an ingenious design with a central mounting that allows the use of both double-sided discs and tungsten carbide discs. Its exceptional versatility makes it the ideal accessory for a variety of applications, whether in wood or concrete, delivering outstanding performance in every context.


The central fixing of the plate means it can be used effectively with both double-sided Discs for fine, precise sanding work, and with Tungsten Discs for more aggressive operations. Whether you're involved in demanding joinery projects or harder surface preparation tasks, this double-sided platen adapts to all your needs.

Wood or concrete, it adapts:

When combined with the appropriate discs, this double-sided platen shines in both fields. For wood, it excels in delicate operations such as fine sanding and removing irregularities. For concrete, it offers robust performance, ideal for preparing surfaces before polishing or removing tough coatings.

When to consider replacement:

The double-sided platter, although designed to withstand demanding conditions of use, requires careful monitoring. Any sign of deformation, excessive wear or reduced efficiency in fixing the discs is a key indicator to consider replacement. Regular maintenance will ensure that your 4D sander remains efficient at all times, preserving the quality of your work.

To sum up, the Plate double-sided for 4D single-brush machine stands out for its remarkable versatility and clever central fixing. Whether you're a professional looking for optimum performance or a passionate amateur aiming for excellence, this accessory is an indispensable asset. Don't neglect its maintenance, watch out for signs of wear and tear, and make sure your 4D sander stays at the top of its game.

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Plate double-sided

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