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Wooden handle

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Wooden handle 12010700

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Wooden handle

Wooden handle


The sander Wooden handle is an important component of the handle that allows the operator to hold and control the tool comfortably. The wooden handle is essential for ergonomic handling of the sander.

Here are the wear points to look out for and when it is necessary to replace this part:

1. Wood wear:The wood of the handle may wear over time due to repeated use of the sander. Look for signs of wear such as cracks, splinters, rough surfaces or discoloration of the wood. If you find that the wood is worn to the point where it is uncomfortable to hold, it may be necessary to replace the wooden handle.

2. Physical damage: Physical damage such as impacts, scratches, deep cracks or deformation of the wood may occur if the sander is dropped or in accidents during use. If the wooden handle is significantly damaged, it must be replaced to ensure the safety of the operator and the proper fit of the handle.

3. The wooden handle is usually attached to the handle by screws or other fixings. If these fasteners become loose or detached, the handle may become unstable and difficult to use. If this happens, it will be necessary to retighten or replace the fixings to hold the handle in place.

The precise point at which you need to replace the wooden handle will depend on factors such as how often you use your sander, how hard you sand and the quality of the wood used in the handle. In general, it is advisable to check the condition of the wooden handle regularly when servicing your sander and to replace it as soon as you notice any signs of significant wear, damage or malfunction. This will ensure operator comfort and safety when using the sander.

As always, it is advisable to follow the Repex Floor manufacturer's recommendations for maintenance and replacement of specific components to maintain the optimum performance of your machine.

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Wooden handle

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