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Square nut 11 MM - Repex Floor
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Square nut 11 MM

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Square nut 11 MM 1510

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Square nut 11 MM

Square nut 11 MM   

Square nut 11 MM for OURAGAN PLE TYPHON1&2 TORNADE sanders

The Square nut 11 MM on the sander handle plays an essential role in securing and stabilising the sander handle. Its main function is to hold the handle firmly in place on the sander frame.

Here are the wear points to look out for and when it is necessary to replace this square nut:

1. Thread wear: The square nut is often screwed onto a threaded rod on the handle to secure it to the sander frame. Over time and with repeated use, the threads of the square nut can become worn, abraded or damaged. If you notice that the nut is no longer holding the handle firmly in place or is turning on the threaded rod with difficulty, this is a sign of thread wear and the nut may need to be replaced.

2. Physical damage: Physical damage, such as cracks, deformation or breakage of the square nut, may occur if the sander is knocked, dropped or involved in accidents while in use. This damage will affect the ability of the nut to hold the handle securely in place, in which case it will need to be replaced.

3. If the square nut fails to hold the handle securely to the sander frame, this can cause problems with the stability of the tool during use. If you notice any signs of loosening or excessive play despite tightening the nut properly, it is necessary to replace it to ensure the safety of the operator and the correct operation of the sander.

The precise moment when you need to replace the square nut will depend on factors such as the frequency of use of the sander, the intensity of the sanding work and the quality of the original part. It is advisable to check the condition of the square nut regularly when servicing your sander and to replace it as soon as you notice any signs of wear, damage or malfunction. This will ensure the safety of the operator and that the sander handle is held securely in place.

As always, it is advisable to follow Repex Floor manufacturer's recommendations for maintenance and replacement of specific components to maintain the optimum performance of your machine.

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Square nut 11 MM

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