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Wheel train

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Wheel train 7200

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Wheel train

Wheel train

Wheel train pour Aspirateur R200

The wheel train is a crucial element in enabling the machine to move efficiently around your worksite. These components are subject to normal wear and tear due to regular use of the hoover, and may rarely need replacing.

It is necessary to change this part when you notice any of the following problems:

1. Loss of mobility: If the hoover no longer moves properly or has difficulty turning, this could indicate a problem with the wheels or wheel train.

2. Abnormal noises: Strange or squeaking noises during operation may indicate excessive wear on components, requiring replacement.

3. Navigation problems: If the hoover seems to have difficulty navigating around your home, the wheels may be the cause of the problem.

4. Structural damage: A fall or mishandling of the machine on site can result in significant structural damage. This can take the form of deformation, cracks or breakage of the chassis, key components or even the outer casing of the machine. This damage can compromise the integrity of the machine, affecting its operation and safety. Careful inspection of the machine after an incident of this type and repair or replacement of damaged parts is crucial to the continued performance and safety of the equipment.

If you observe any of these signs, consult the manufacturer of your R200 hoover for instructions on replacing the wheels or wheel traiun. The hoover comes with spare parts that can be purchased from the manufacturer, Repex Floor. We recommend that you follow their instructions to ensure correct and safe replacement of these components.

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Wheel train

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