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Carabiner hook

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Carabiner hook 7206

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Carabiner hook

Carabiner hook

Carabiner hook for R200 Vacuum 

The Carabiner hook is an essential component for ensuring the safety and stability of the vacuum system. Precision-engineered, this carabiner plays a crucial role in holding the cable firmly in place, preventing any risk of accidental detachment.

Key features:

1. Robust locking ring: Integrated into the carabiner, the locking ring is made from high-quality materials, ensuring optimum strength and long-term durability.

2. Secure attachment: When the customer pulls on the cable, it attaches securely to the undercarriage using the snap hook. This secure attachment ensures that the cable remains firmly attached throughout use.

3. Quality materials: The karabiner is made from high-strength materials, offering enhanced reliability even under intensive use. Its robust design ensures optimum performance, even in demanding environments.

4. Universal Compatibility: The vacuum carabiner with locking ring is designed to fit a variety of vacuum systems, making it a versatile accessory for a variety of applications.

When to change the part?

Although the carabiner is designed to withstand repeated use, it is recommended that its condition be monitored and replaced if any of the following conditions are encountered:

1. Visible wear: Inspect the carabiner regularly for signs of wear, cracks or deformation. If any damage is visible, replace the carabiner immediately.

2. Loss of Functionality: If the karabiner is no longer effective in holding the cable in place, it must be replaced to avoid the risk of the cable becoming detached.

3. Premature ageing: If the carabiner shows signs of premature ageing due to prolonged exposure to extreme environmental conditions, it should be replaced as a precautionary measure.

In short, the Carabiner with Locking Ring is an essential component in ensuring the safety and reliability of suction systems. By monitoring its condition and replacing it when necessary, users can guarantee optimum operation of their equipment.

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Carabiner hook

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