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Swivel wheel

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Swivel wheel 7202

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Swivel wheel

Swivel wheel

Swivel wheel for the SIMOUN R200 hoover

The swivel wheel on the SIMOUN R200 hoover is an essential component that facilitates the mobility of the hoover. These wheels allow the hoover to move easily in different directions, making cleaning more convenient and efficient. They are designed to rotate 360 degrees, offering great manoeuvrability, especially in tight spaces.

It may be necessary to change the swivel wheel in the following situations:

1. Excessive wear: As a result of regular use, the castors can wear down over time. If you notice that the wheel is worn, deformed or no longer swivels properly, it may be time to replace it.

2. Blockages or obstructions : Wheels can sometimes be blocked by debris, hair or other objects. If the wheel is constantly blocked, this can lead to premature wear or mobility problems.

3. Structural defects: Structural defects, such as cracks or breaks, can affect the wheel's functionality. If you notice any signs of structural damage, we recommend that you replace the wheel.

4. Difficulty manoeuvring: If you find it difficult to turn the hoover or if it does not move as easily as before, this may indicate problems with the swivel wheels.

5. Regular checks: As part of preventive maintenance, we recommend that you regularly check the condition of the castors. If problems are detected during these checks, it is advisable to proceed with replacement before serious failures occur.

Be sure to consult the Repex Floor manufacturer for specific instructions on the maintenance and replacement of parts, including castors. Recommendations may vary depending on the model year of the SIMOUN R200 hoover.

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Swivel wheel

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