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Fixed wheel

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Fixed wheel 7203

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Fixed wheel

Fixed wheel

Fixed wheel​ for hoover R200

The R200 hoover is fitted with fixed wheels. These fixed wheels play an essential role in navigating the hoover and help determine its direction of travel.

The fixed wheels at the front are fitted to allow the hoover to turn in different directions on your worksites. These wheels are crucial to the manoeuvrability of the hoover, enabling it to change direction and cover the entire area to be cleaned effectively.

It is generally necessary to change the fixed wheels when you observe any of the following problems:

1. Loss of mobility: If the wheels do not turn properly or if they are blocked, the hoover may lose its mobility.

2. Difficulty turning: Difficulty changing direction may indicate problems with the fixed wheels.

3. Abnormal noises: Scratching, grinding or other unusual sounds during operation may indicate excessive wear on the fixed wheels.

4. Visible wear: If you notice obvious wear, such as cracks or deformation in the fixed wheels, it may be time to replace them.

If you notice any of these signs, consult the manufacturer of your R200 hoover for specific instructions on replacing the fixed wheels. Following the operating instructions is important to ensure correct and safe replacement of these components.

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Fixed wheel

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