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Wheel tread

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Wheel tread 3306

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Wheel tread

Wheel tread 

Wheel tread for BLO edger 

The Wheel tread on the wheel set of a flanging machine is an essential part that connects the wheel to the rest of the movement mechanism. It is used to secure the wheel to the hub, providing a pivot or joint that allows the wheel to rotate. The wheel clevis plays a crucial role in the stability, steering and overall operation of the wheel set.

Here are some of the main functions of the wheel clevis on the wheelset of an edger:

1. Mechanical connection: The wheel fork provides a solid mechanical connection between the wheel and the rest of the undercarriage, allowing the rotary movement necessary for the mobility of the flange machine.

2. Stability: It helps to keep the wheel stable while the machine is moving, distributing the load correctly and withstanding mechanical stresses.

3. Steering: The wheel fork can play a role in steering the flanging machine, allowing controlled and precise movements.

When to change the wheel fork depends on a number of factors:

1. Normal wear and tear: Like any mechanical part, the wheel clevis can undergo normal wear and tear over time as a result of regular use of the edger. Regular inspection may reveal signs of wear such as excessive play, rubbing noises or difficulty in rotating the wheel.

2. Mechanical damage: Shocks, impacts or other mechanical damage can damage the wheel tread, requiring replacement to maintain the integrity of the system.

3. Steering problems: If the edger is experiencing steering problems, such as loss of control or instability, the wheel clevis could be a check point.

4. Preventive maintenance: Some manufacturers may recommend periodic replacement of parts, including wheel treads, as part of a preventive maintenance plan to avoid potential breakdowns.

It is important to contact the Repex Floor manufacturer for specific recommendations on the maintenance and replacement of wheel treads. If any problems are detected, it is advisable to have the machine inspected by a qualified technician. This professional will be able to assess the condition of the wheel tread and recommend replacement if necessary to ensure the smooth operation of the edger.

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Wheel tread

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