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Vertical steel sockets - Repex Floor
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Vertical steel sockets

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Vertical steel sockets

Vertical steel sockets

Vertical steel sockets for BLO edger 

The vertical steel sockets on the wheel set of a flanging machine are components designed to provide structural support and guide the vertical movements of the wheel system. They are used to ensure the stability and correct alignment of the wheels, thus contributing to the efficient operation of the flanging machine. 

The main functions of vertical steel bushes include:

1. Stability: They help to keep the wheels in a stable vertical position, ensuring the stability of the edger during use.

2. Vertical guidance: Steel bushes guide the vertical movements of the wheels, contributing to precise and controlled movement of the machine.

When to change the vertical steel bushes depends on several factors:

1. Normal wear and tear: Bushings can undergo normal wear and tear as a result of constant use of the flanging machine. Regular inspection may reveal signs of wear such as excessive play, rubbing noises or difficulty in vertical movement.

2. Mechanical damage: Shocks, impacts or other mechanical damage can damage steel bushes, necessitating their replacement.

3. Abnormal wheel movement: If the wheels show abnormal vertical movement, this may indicate a problem with the steel bushes.

4. Preventive maintenance: Some manufacturers recommend periodic replacement of parts, including steel bushes, as part of a preventive maintenance plan to ensure machine reliability and durability.

It is vital to contact the Repex Floor manufacturer for specific recommendations on the maintenance and replacement of vertical steel bushes. If you notice any signs of problems, such as abnormal wheel movements or unusual noises, we recommend that you have the machine inspected by a qualified technician. This professional will be able to assess the condition of the bushings and recommend replacement if necessary to ensure the machine operates correctly.

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Vertical steel sockets

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