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Horizontal axes

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Horizontal axes 3310

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Horizontal axes

Horizontal axes

Horizontal axles with Ø 4 nuts and washer

The horizontal axles on the wheels of a flanging machine are components that form part of the machine's transmission and movement system. These axles play a crucial role in the horizontal movement of the wheels, enabling the flanging machine to move in a controlled manner. The wheel train generally comprises several components, including horizontal axles, wheels, gears and other parts linked to the machine's mobility.

The main functions of the horizontal axles on the wheel train include:

1. Power transmission: The horizontal axles transmit power from the edger motor to the wheels, enabling the machine to move horizontally.

2. Stability and alignment: They contribute to the stability and correct alignment of the wheels, ensuring smooth, controlled movement of the flanging machine.

3. Structural support: The horizontal axles are an integral part of the wheel structure, providing structural support for the other motion-related components.

When to change the horizontal axes depends on a number of factors:

1. Normal wear and tear: Shafts can undergo normal wear and tear over time as a result of constant use of the edger. Signs of wear, such as excessive play, unusual noises or difficulty moving, may indicate the need for replacement.

2. Mechanical damage: Shocks, impacts or other mechanical damage can damage the horizontal shafts. In such cases, replacement may be necessary to restore the functionality of the edger.

3. Preventive maintenance: Some manufacturers recommend periodic replacement of parts, including horizontal shafts, as part of a preventive maintenance plan to ensure machine reliability and durability.

It is essential to consult Repex Floor, the edger manufacturer, for specific recommendations regarding maintenance and replacement of horizontal shafts. If you observe any signs of problems when using the edger, it is recommended that you call in a qualified technician to inspect the machine, diagnose any problems and carry out any necessary repairs, including replacing the horizontal shafts if necessary.

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Horizontal axes

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