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Terminal block

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Terminal block 4116

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Terminal block

Terminal block

Terminal block for Zephyr edger

A connection strip on the chassis of the Original flanging machine is an electrical component used to link and connect various electrical wires and cables within the machine. It is used to create secure and orderly electrical connections between the various electrical components of the flanging machine, which is essential to ensure that the machine operates correctly.

Signs that the terminal strip needs to be replaced and the machine taken to the manufacturer may include:

1. Loose or faulty electrical connections: If you notice electrical connection problems inside the machine, such as wires frequently disconnecting or intermittent electrical connections, this may be due to a faulty terminal strip.

2. Physical damage: If the terminal strip shows cracks, broken pieces, corrosion or any other type of physical damage, it will probably need to be replaced.

3. Short circuit or overheating: If the terminal strip is malfunctioning, it may cause short circuits or overheating problems inside the machine, which may damage other electrical components.

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Terminal block

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