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Carbon brush 6.8 - Repex Floor
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Carbon brush 6.8

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Carbon brush 6.8 PR0002

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Carbon brush 6.8

Carbon brush 6.8

Carbon brush 6.8 (6.35mm by 8mm) for ZEPHYR edger (1998 to 2006)

Connection: U-shaped spade 

A U-shaped carbon brush, or sometimes called a "U-shaped carbon brush", is a variant of carbon brushes used in electric motors. U-shaped carbon brushes are designed to provide a more stable and reliable electrical connection than traditional carbon brushes.

Here's what they're used for:

1. Electrical connection: U-shaped carbon brushes provide a solid and stable electrical connection between the carbon itself and the motor's electrical system. The U-shaped lug is usually made of a solid conductive material that enables the electrical current to be transferred efficiently.

2. Reliability: Brushes with a U-shaped lug offer greater connection reliability than traditional brushes. The U-shaped design creates a wider and more stable contact surface, reducing the risk of electrical connection disturbances due to vibration, shock or motor movement.

3. Durability: U-shaped brushes are often more durable than traditional brushes, as the U-shaped design is more resistant to wear. This increased durability can extend the life of the brushes and reduce the frequency of replacement.

4. Ease of replacement : When brushes with a U-shaped lug need to be replaced, the U-shaped connection facilitates the process. Simply remove the old brushes and replace them with new ones with the same U-shaped lug.

These U-shaped brushes are commonly used in a variety of electric motors where a reliable electrical connection is essential to ensure correct motor operation. They help maintain a stable power supply, reduce downtime and minimise maintenance problems.

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Carbon brush 6.8

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