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Carbon brush

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Carbon brush

Carbon brush  

Carbon brush​ for BLE zephyr plasterer (edger from 1960 to 1997)

Dimensions: 6mm by 12mm

Soldered connection to motor flange 

Carbon brushes, also known simply as "carbon brushes", are essential components in many types of electric motor, including DC motors and some AC motors. They perform several important functions in the operation of these motors, including:

1. Current transmission : Carbon brushes provide the electrical connection between the power source and the rotating part of the motor, such as the current collector (in a DC motor) or the stator windings (in some AC motors). They allow the electric current to flow through the motor, creating a magnetic field that generates motion.

2. Commutation: Carbon brushes are responsible for commutating the motor's magnetic poles. They reverse the polarity of the electrical voltage in the motor at regular intervals, causing the rotor or motor shaft to rotate. This commutation allows the motor to continue turning repeatedly.

3. Adjustable span: Carbon brushes can be designed to exert an adjustable pressure on the rotating surface with which they are in contact, such as the current collector or rotor. By adjusting this pressure, the friction between the brushes and the rotating surface can be regulated, which can influence motor speed and torque.

4. Maintenance: Carbon brushes are wearing parts. They wear gradually over time due to constant friction with the rotating surface. However, they are relatively easy to replace, extending the life of the motor. Periodic replacement of carbon brushes is a routine maintenance operation to keep the motor running smoothly.

In summary, carbon brushes in a flange motor play an essential role in transmitting electric current, switching magnetic poles, regulating speed and maintaining the motor. They are particularly common in DC motors, but are also found in some AC motors and other types of electrical machines.

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Carbon brush

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