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Single-phase Cyclone Sander 3000W - Repex Floor
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Single-phase Cyclone Sander 3000W

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Single-phase Sander 3000W 12000001

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Single-phase Cyclone Sander 3000W

Single-phase Cyclone Sander 3000W

Single-phase Cyclone Sander 3000W: a powerful machine that emits less dust than current machines coupled with an industrial vacuum cleaner: 0.47 mg / m3!
Dust larger than 5 microns are separated in a cyclone and retained in a plastic bag. Dust smaller than 5 microphones is evacuated in a doublewalled
filter bag whose capacity corresponds to one working day. To facilitate its transport, the Cyclone sander is removable in 4 parts and works with disposable bags.

■ Easy assembly-dismantling and transport
■ Belt tension in operation
■ 230 V / 3.0 KW or 230 V / 2.2 KW single-phase motor
■ Recommended fuse : 20 A
■ Motor speed: 2950 rpm
■ Drum speed: 2150 rpm
■ Cyclone suction: 280 m3 / h
■ Sanding width: 200 mm (200 * 750 mm abrasive belts)
■ Total weight: 115 Kg
■ Weight of the motor only: 30 Kg
■ Chassis weight: 45 Kg
■ Drum weight 8 kg
■ Weight of the Cyclone upper support: 20 Kg
■ Possibility to adjust the parallelism in operation
■ Possibility to adjust the belt during operation

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Single-phase Cyclone Sander 3000W

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