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Single-phase extension cable - Repex Floor
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Single-phase extension cable 12.5M

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Single-phase extension cable 12140000

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Single-phase extension cable

Single Phase Extension Cord

Single-phase extension lead for MAJOR and CYCLONE sanders with 32 Amp Connectors 

Advantages :

1. Extended reach: With a length of 12.5 metres, this extension cable provides extra reach for connecting electrical appliances at a greater distance from the power source. This allows greater flexibility in positioning appliances, whether indoors or outdoors.

2. High current capacity: The 32 Amp connectors offer a high current capacity, making it possible to operate more powerful, power-hungry electrical appliances. This makes this extension lead ideal for equipment requiring higher power, such as your professional power tools or site equipment.

3. Secure connectors : The 32 Amp connectors are designed to provide a reliable and secure connection. They feature locking mechanisms or a robust fixing system to prevent accidental disconnection, ensuring a stable, continuous power supply.

4. Quality and durability: made from high-quality materials that offer resistance to wear, abrasion and harsh environmental conditions. This ensures longer life and reliable use even in demanding environments.

5. Versatility of use: The 12.5 metre extension allows you to cover a variety of applications on your worksites. 

6. Easy to transport and store: Despite its considerable length, this extension cable is designed to be relatively light, flexible and easy to store. It can be rolled up and transported with ease thanks to its compact design, making it easy to use and transport from one place to another.

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Single-phase extension cable

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