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Double disposable filter bag - Repex Floor
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Double disposable filter bag

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Double disposable filter bag 12110101

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Double disposable filter bag

Double disposable filter bag

for CYCLONE sander 

The Double disposable filter bag of the Cyclone sander's double disposable filter bag is to collect the dust and fine particles generated when the sander is used. It therefore serves to maintain a clean working environment by preventing the dispersion of dust in the air, thereby reducing the user's exposure to harmful particles. It also helps to improve the efficiency of the sander's dust collection, which can extend the machine's life by preventing the build-up of dust in its internal components.

The wear points of the disposable double filter bag depend on how intensively the sander is used and the type of material being sanded. Here are some common signs of wear on this part:

1. Dust saturation: When the filter bags become saturated with dust and are no longer able to collect particles efficiently, they should be replaced.

2. Reduced dust collection efficiency: If the sander is no longer able to collect dust efficiently during use, this may indicate that the filter pockets are clogged or worn.

3. Loss of suction: A noticeable loss of suction during use of the sander may indicate that the filter bags are no longer working properly.

4. Appearance of dust leaks: If you notice dust leaks around the area of the filter bags, this may indicate that they are damaged or worn.

In general, it is recommended that you change the Cyclone sander's double disposable filter bag as soon as you notice signs of wear or dust saturation. The frequency of replacement will depend on the use of the sander, but it is important to keep these filter bags in good condition to ensure a clean and safe working environment, as well as to maintain the performance of the sander. Be sure to follow the sander manufacturer's recommendations for filter bag replacement and use appropriate replacement parts.

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Double disposable filter bag

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