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Filter bag

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Filter bag 12110100

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Filter bag

Filter bag

for CYCLONE FORCE sander 

The filter bag on the Cyclone sander collects dust and debris generated during the sanding process. It plays an important role in maintaining a clean working environment and preventing dust from becoming airborne. Here are its main functions and the signs of wear to look out for:

1. Dust collection: The filter bag is designed to trap fine dust particles and debris produced by the Cyclone sander during sanding. It ensures efficient collection to maintain a clean working environment.

2. Improved air quality: By trapping dust and particles, the filter bag helps to improve air quality in the work area, which benefits the user's health by reducing exposure to potentially harmful dust.

3. Reduced dust dispersion: The filter bag prevents dust from being dispersed in the air, which can cause soiling in the working environment and can also damage the sander's components.

Wear points on the Cyclone sander filter bag and when to replace it :

1. Clogging: As the filter bag collects dust, it can become clogged, reducing its dust collection efficiency. If you notice that the bag is clogged and the sander's suction is reduced, it is time to clean or replace it.

2. Material tears or wear: The filter bag may tear or wear over time, particularly if it is in constant contact with abrasive particles. If you notice any tears, holes or signs of wear in the bag material, it should be replaced.

3. Reduced collection capacity: If you notice that the filter bag is no longer able to collect dust effectively, or if dust escapes from the sander despite its use, this may indicate that the bag is worn and needs to be replaced.

The frequency of replacement of the filter bag will depend on the frequency of use of the Cyclone sander and the working conditions. It is recommended that you follow the manufacturer's recommendations regarding the maintenance of the filter bag and clean it regularly in accordance with the instructions provided in the appliance's user manual. When you notice that the filter bag is clogged, torn or no longer working effectively, it is important to replace it to ensure effective dust collection and a clean working environment. Make sure you choose a replacement filter bag that is compatible with your Cyclone sander model.

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Filter bag

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