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Solvent hardener

Solvent hardener

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Oil Hardener 0.5L - Repex Floor
Oil Hardener 0.5L BL02102893
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Oil Hardener - Repex Floor
Oil Hardener 0.1L BL01102887
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Solvent hardener


Parquet Solvent Hardener is an essential chemical compound in wood floor finishing, offering enhanced protection and exceptional durability to parquet surfaces. This innovative product is specifically designed to be mixed with wood floor finishes such as lacquers or varnishes, causing a chemical reaction that results in the formation of a tough, resistant protective layer.

When incorporated into the floor finishing process, the solvent hardener plays a crucial role in improving the wood's resistance to external stresses, from stubborn scratches to abrasion and the damaging effects of chemicals. This chemical reaction transforms the floor's finish, imparting a superior quality to the wood's surface and increasing its ability to withstand the rigours of everyday use.

In addition to its protective properties, solvent hardener helps to prolong the life of wood flooring, preserving its natural lustre over time. It is a key element in the parquet installer's arsenal, ensuring not only the aesthetic beauty of the floor but also its structural resilience.

It is essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully when applying this solvent-based hardener, as specific procedures may vary depending on the product used and the type of floor finish. The judicious application of this compound helps to ensure effective protection and exceptional longevity of the wood flooring, making solvent hardener an essential choice for any flooring professional wishing to achieve optimum quality standards.