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Parquet oil solvent-based

Parquet oil solvent-based

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Colourless parquet oil - Repex Floor
Colourless parquet oil 5L BL05121020
127.44€ Excluding VAT
Black parquet oil - Repex Floor
Black parquet oil 5L BL05121037
127.44€ Excluding VAT
Colourless parquet oil 1L - Repex Floor
Colourless parquet oil 1L BL01121024
30.94€ Excluding VAT

Parquet oil 

Parquet Oil is a traditional impregnation solution specially designed for the maintenance of parquet, floors and woodwork. Its aim is to preserve and maintain the natural appearance of untreated wood. It is extremely easy to use: simply apply it to the surface of the wood and it will impregnate and protect it from dust and damp. Treated surfaces are easy to maintain and can be regenerated without difficulty, even after intensive use. Parquet Oil is suitable for all wood species and is a recommended choice for their maintenance.

Advantages :

Ensures effective impregnation with easy regeneration, helping to preserve and protect wood over the long term.
Adds a beautiful, natural warmth to wood floors and panelling, enhancing their natural, authentic appearance.
is ready-to-use, making it easy to use and quick to apply to wooden surfaces.
has anti-dust properties, helping to keep surfaces clean and reducing dust build-up.
Its black colour makes it an ideal choice for theatre stages, providing a striking visual effect and enhancing artistic performances.


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