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Multipurpose glue cartridge MS232 600ML
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Multipurpose glue refill MS232 600ML

Reference -WA35177

Multipurpose glue refill MS232 600ML WA35177
for applicator gun 50

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Multipurpose glue refill MS232 600ML

Multipurpose glue refill MS232 600ML

for applicator gun 50 

Multipurpose glue refill MS232 600ML is a single-component, elastic, MS-based glue with a structured viscosity ideal for laying various types of parquet, including mosaic parquet, edge strip parquet (minimum thickness 16 mm and maximum length 200 mm), and strip parquet (up to 80 mm wide and 600 mm long), as well as multi-layer parquet on absorbent and non-absorbent subfloors indoors. WAKOL MS 232 meets the requirements of DIN EN ISO 17178.


This adhesive is best applied with a notched trowel.


- Approx. 550-725 ml/m² with replacement nozzles  

- Approx. 500-800 ml/m² with a notched parquet trowel  

Special properties

- Solvent-free as defined by TRGS 610

- Complies with DIN EN ISO 17178

- Optimised for use with glue applicators such as the 90 applicator

- Does not cause the wood to swell thanks to its water-free nature

Technical characteristics

- Raw material base: Silane-modified polymer

- Aeration time: none

- Laying time: approx. 40 minutes

- Setting time: approx. 24 hours

- Surface treatment: after at least 24 hours

- Storage time: 12 months in closed pot

- Storage temperature: frost resistant

Application instructions

Before application, ensure that the floor and ambient conditions comply with the information sheets and applicable standards. Substrates must be even, permanently dry, hard and free from cracks or substances that prevent bonding.

We recommend cleaning tools immediately after use with WA596002 cleaning cloths. After the setting time, the adhesive can only be removed mechanically.

Important instructions

- Do not use at floor temperatures below +15°C or ambient temperatures below +18°C.

- Indoor air humidity should preferably be between 40% and 65%, but not more than 75%.

- Avoid applying adhesive in the joints of parquet floors to avoid undesirable interactions with surface treatment products.


For further technical advice, please contact us.


Manufacturer's product sheet 

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Multipurpose glue refill MS232 600ML

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