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Crack repair resin PS205
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Crack repair resin PS205

Reference -WA41294

Crack repair resin PS205 WA41294
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Crack repair resin PS205

Crack repair resin PS205

Crack repair resin PS205  - casting resin 2 X 300ML 


Fields of application

Crack repair resin PS205 is a fast-curing, polymer-modified, two-component silicate resin used to restore cracked screeds and to bond nail rods, metal profiles and artificial or natural stone to absorbent and non-absorbent substrates indoors.

Technical characteristics
- Raw material base: Polymer-modified silicate resin

- Mixing ratio: 1:1 parts by volume

- Processing time :

    - 15 °C: approx. 13 minutes

    - 20 °C : approx. 10 minutes

    - 25 °C : approx. 8 minutes

    - 30 °C : approx. 7 minutes

- Hardening time :

    - 15 °C : approx. 40 minutes

    - 20 °C : approx. 30 minutes

    - 25 °C : approx. 22 minutes

    - 30 °C : approx. 18 minutes

- Storage temperature: minimum +10 °C, in a dry, frost-sensitive place

- Storage time: 12 months at room temperature



This fast-curing resin is suitable for :

- Remediating cracked screeds

- Bonding nail rods, metal profiles and artificial or natural stone to absorbent and non-absorbent substrates indoors.


Specific properties

- Solvent-free as defined by TRGS 610

- No stirring required

- Barely perceptible odour

- Class EMICODE EC1 PLUS according to GEV criteria: very low emissions

- Suitable for floors with integrated heating

- Suitable for chairs with castors

- Repairing cracked screeds: Spread cracked screeds in a wedge shape and remove dust. For large cracks, make cross-cuts every 30 to 50 cm and join partial screed surfaces with adhesive joints.

- Applying adhesives: Apply the mixed resin to the substrate with a suitable notched trowel to avoid the formation of dough. Immediately assemble the parts to be bonded by pressing them firmly together.

Important instructions for use
- Do not use at temperatures below +15°C. Store at a minimum temperature of +10°C.

- In cold weather, pre-warm products in a heated room before use.

- Do not obstruct existing expansion joints.


If you have any further technical questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Manufacturer sheet 



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Crack repair resin PS205

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