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Light single brush

Light single brush

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Light single brush
Light single brush 1200W MNB16012

Supplied without tray or abrasives
725.00€ Excluding VAT
Pick plate light single brush
Pick plate light single brush 1200W 16040000
95.00€ Excluding VAT
Plate double-sided  Ø400mm
Plate double sided 16160000

for 1200W light single brush
124.00€ Excluding VAT
Water tank Repex Floor
Water tank 16090000
76.00€ Excluding VAT
Suction skirt
Suction skirt 13031000

For 1200W light single brush
135.00€ Excluding VAT

Lightweight single-brush finishing machine

The Light single brush scrubber-dryer is specifically designed to prepare floors before applying new coats of finish, in particular by removing impurities and surface irregularities.
Typical accessories include various types of abrasive pads adapted to different floor materials, as well as hard bristle brushes for in-depth cleaning before scrubbing. 

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