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Protection for sealed parquet

Protection for sealed parquet

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Metallic Renovator 1L Satin
Metallic Renovator 1L Satin BL01100128
16.89€ Excluding VAT
Metallic Renovator 1L mat
Metallic Renovator 1L mat BL01100159
24.21€ Excluding VAT

Protection for sealed parquet indispensable 

Applying a protective film to sealed parquet floors offers essential dual protection. Firstly, it preserves their natural beauty by preserving their original appearance, even when they are exposed to heavy traffic. Parquet floors, which are often at the heart of our living spaces, are inevitably subjected to the hazards of everyday life: frequent use, moving furniture and other stresses that could alter their appearance. The protective film acts like a shield, preserving the shine and texture of the wood, while concealing the micro-scratches that can occur over time. So not only does it prolong the durability of the coating, it also ensures that maintenance is simplified and the look is preserved for a long time to come.

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