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Motor cover - Repex Floor
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Motor cover

Reference -SL06900000

Motor cover SL06900000

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Motor cover

Motor cover

Motor cover for the head of the old model central vacuum unit.

 The motor cover of a central vacuum unit has several important functions:

1. Motor protection: The motor cover protects the central vacuum motor from dust, debris and other external elements that could potentially damage the motor. It helps to keep the motor in good working order.

2. Noise reduction: the motor cover is designed to reduce the noise level emitted by the motor, helping to create a quieter vacuuming experience.

When to consider changing the part:

1. Visible damage: If the motor cover shows cracks, deformations, breaks or other visible damage, it may need to be replaced to ensure adequate protection of the motor.

2. Loss of functionality: If the cover no longer closes properly or no longer fulfils its function of protecting the motor, it may need to be replaced to ensure the performance and durability of the central vacuum unit's motor.

3. Reduced acoustic efficiency: If the motor cowling is designed to reduce motor noise and you observe a significant increase in the noise level of the central vacuum unit, this may indicate a fault in the cowling, warranting replacement.

4. Structural changes: Major structural changes to the bonnet, such as deformations that could compromise its fit or fixing, may require replacement.

It is recommended that you contact the Repex Floor service department for specific advice on replacing the engine cover. This will ensure the compatibility of the replacement part and the correct operation of the central vacuum unit.

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Motor cover

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