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Central vacuum filter

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Central vacuum filter FI01200000

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Central vacuum filter

Central vacuum filter 

Central vacuum filter 7500

A central vacuum filter is an essential component of the system that plays a crucial role in purifying the air sucked in by the central unit. Here's what it does and when you should consider changing it:

Role of the filter in a central vacuum unit :

1. Particle filtration: The filter is designed to retain fine particles such as dust, allergens, debris and other impurities present in the air sucked in by the central vacuum unit.

2. Motor protection: By trapping these particles, the filter also protects the central vacuum motor from dirt build-up and premature wear. An efficient filter helps to extend the life of the motor.

3. Improved air quality: By filtering the air sucked in, the filter helps to improve air quality in the environment by eliminating allergens and harmful particles.

When to consider changing the part :

1. Filter clogging: If the filter is heavily clogged with dust and debris, it can reduce suction efficiency. If you notice a significant drop in suction power, this could indicate that the filter is clogged and needs changing.

2. Odours or bad smell: A saturated filter may no longer be effective in eliminating odours. If you notice unpleasant odours when using the central vacuum unit, this could indicate that the filter needs replacing.

3. Visual signs of wear: Visual signs such as tears, severe wrinkling or disintegrating filter material are clear indications that it is time to replace the filter.

4. Changes in hoover performance: If you notice significant changes in the overall performance of the vacuum cleaner, such as unusual noises, excessive vibration, or loss of power, the filter may be involved.

5. Recommended frequency: Some manufacturers recommend replacing the filter at regular intervals, even if it shows no obvious signs of wear. Following these recommendations can help maintain optimum system performance.

Regular filter replacement is essential to ensure that the central vacuum unit operates correctly and maintains good indoor air quality. The frequency of replacement depends on the specific model of the central vacuum unit and the manufacturer's recommendations.

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Central vacuum filter

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