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Handle tube Central vacuum

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Handle tube Central vacuum 7505

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Handle tube Central vacuum

Handle tube Central vacuum 

Handle tube Central vacuum 7500

The handle tube is the hose that connects the suction handle to the suction nozzle or flexible hose on the central vacuum unit.

Here's what it does and when you should consider changing this part:

Role of the handle tube in a central vacuum system :

1. Suction duct: The handle tube acts as the main duct through which air, dust and debris are transported from the suction handle to the central unit.

2. Length adjustment: In the case of a telescopic wand, the handle tube can be adjusted in length to suit the user's height or to reach hard-to-reach areas.

When to consider changing the part:

1. Obstruction or blockage: If the wand tube is obstructed by debris or has blockages, this can reduce suction efficiency. If you notice a loss of power or difficulty in vacuuming, this could indicate a problem with the handle tube.

2. Visible damage: Visible damage such as cracks, deformation or broken parts may require replacement of the handle tube. Air leaks can also occur when damage is present.

3. Adjustment difficulties: If the telescopic mechanism is no longer working properly and the tube cannot be adjusted to the desired length, it may be necessary to change the part.

4. Normal wear and tear: Like any moving part, the handle tube can wear over time, particularly if it is frequently adjusted in length. If signs of normal wear, such as worn parts, permanent creases or weakened areas, are visible, it may be time to replace it.

5. Modifying the system: If you make any changes to the central vacuum unit, such as adding accessories or parts, make sure that these changes do not affect the functionality of the handle tube.

When replacing specific parts of a central vacuum unit, it is advisable to refer to the spare parts list or consult the brand's after-sales service to ensure compatibility and correct operation of the replacement.

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Handle tube Central vacuum

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