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Wax oil Rough wood - Repex Floor
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Wax oil Rough wood 2.5L

Reference -BL07121325

Wax oil Rough wood 2.5L BL07121325

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Wax oil Rough wood 2.5L

Oil Wax Raw Wood 2.5L 

Raw Wood Wax Oil 2.5L: Impregnates, decorates and protects parquet, floors, worktops and woodwork.

Wax Oil is a wood treatment and finish that combines vegetable oils and waxes. Easy to use, it penetrates deep into parquet, floors, worktops, woodwork and furniture, providing long-lasting protection against dust and damp. Treated surfaces are easy to maintain and can be easily regenerated, even under heavy use. Thanks to its natural look, Wax Oil enhances the authentic elegance of all wood species.


Advantages :

- Hard oil: It acts as a wood treatment and finish, offering long-lasting protection.
- Recommended for decorative and aged effects: Particularly suitable for creating decorative and aged effects on wood.
- Varied decorative effects: It offers a multitude of possible decorative effects, allowing you to customise to your own preferences.
- Contains vegetable oils and waxes: Its composition includes vegetable oils and waxes for quality protection and finish.
- Deeply impregnates: It penetrates deep into the wood, guaranteeing effective impregnation.
- Anti-dust properties: Helps prevent the build-up of dust on treated surfaces.
- Ready to use: It's ready to use, with no additional preparation required.
- Easy to apply and maintain: It's simple to use and easy to maintain on a regular basis.
- Enhances natural parquet: It enhances the natural beauty of parquet, preserving its authentic appearance.


Solvent phase


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Wax oil Rough wood 2.5L

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