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Transport trolley

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Transport trolley 12000099

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Transport trolley

Transport trolley

Transport trolley for the MAJOR sander to roll over gravel floors and protect the sander's wheels.
Advantages :

1. Robust structure: trolley made from strong, durable materials to support the weight of the sander and withstand the tough conditions of gravel floors.

2. Adapted wheels: for driving on all types of ground, the trolley's wheels are specifically designed for maximum grip and stability. Ideal wheels for overcoming obstacles and avoiding skids.

3. Suspension: to minimise vibrations and shocks when travelling over uneven ground, the truck is equipped with a shock-absorbing mechanism. This protects not only the sander's wheels, but also the engine and other internal components.

4. Loading platform: the trolley features a spacious and secure loading platform to accommodate the MAJOR sander. 

5. Additional accessories: Depending on requirements, other accessories could be added to the trolley, such as the stretcher.

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Transport trolley

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