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Polyurethane starter wheel

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Polyurethane starter wheel 1212

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Polyurethane starter wheel

Polyurethane starter wheel 

Polyurethane starter wheel for Major, Cyclone, Hurricane, Typhoon, Typhoon2 sanders.

A polyurethane sander starter wheel is a specific accessory used to facilitate the smooth start-up of a sander. Advantages:

1. Reduced start-up marks: When you start a sander, abrasives or sanding discs can leave unwanted marks on the surface to be sanded. The polyurethane starting wheel is designed to minimise these marks by creating a gradual transition between the work surface and the starting point of the sander. This produces a more uniform result and avoids visible defects.

2. Surface protection: By reducing start-up marks, the polyurethane wheel also helps to protect the surface being sanded. Delicate or sensitive surfaces can be damaged if the sander starts suddenly. By using a starter wheel, you minimise the risk of scratches, chips or damage to the surface, which is particularly important when working on more fragile materials.

3. Improved control and safety: The polyurethane starting wheel offers greater control and stability when starting the sander. It reduces jerks and sudden movements, giving the user better control of the tool. This contributes to safer use of the sander, minimising the risk of accidents or injury.

4. Increased durability and longevity: Polyurethane wheels are generally resistant to wear and abrasion, which means they are durable and offer a long service life. By using a starter wheel, you extend the life of your sander by reducing premature wear on abrasives and sanding discs.

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Polyurethane starter wheel

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