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Stamped washer

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Stamped washer 3410

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Stamped washer

Stamped washer 

Stamped washer for BLO edger
A stamped washer on a flanging machine sanding disc can have several functions. These washers are often used as adjustment or fixing elements.

Here are some of the reasons why a stamped washer might be present and its potential role:

1. Alignment adjustment: Stamped washers can be used to adjust the alignment of the sanding disc. They can be used to compensate for small variations in assembly and to ensure that the disc is correctly positioned.

2. Friction reduction: These washers can also be used to reduce friction between the various moving parts of the edging machine. This contributes to smoother machine operation.

3. Vibration damping: The washers can be used to absorb vibrations generated during the operation of the flanging machine. This contributes to quieter operation and can extend component life.

Knowing when to replace this part will depend on a number of factors, including wear, damage and machine performance.

Here are some signs that might indicate it's time to replace the deep-drawn washer:

1. Deformation or cracks: If the washer is deformed or has cracks, it may no longer perform its function effectively and should be replaced.

2. Misalignment: If the sanding disc is not correctly aligned despite possible adjustments, the washer may be defective.

3. Increased friction or vibration: If you notice a significant increase in friction or vibration when using the edger, this could indicate a problem with the adjustment components, including the washers.

If in doubt, we recommend that you consult the Repex Floor manufacturer of your BLO flanging machine for advice specific to your model.

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Stamped washer

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