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Bare remote disc holder - Repex Floor
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Bare remote disc holder

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3401 Bare remote disc holder

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Bare remote disc holder

Bare remote disc holder

Bare remote disc holder for BLO edging machine

The bare offset disc holder on the sanding disc of the BLO edging machine is a part that plays a crucial role in positioning and holding the sanding disc used for sanding.

Here is its main role and some information on when it may be necessary to change this part:

1. Positioning the sanding disc: The Bare Offset Disc Holder is designed to attach the sanding disc to the edging machine in an offset manner. This means that the disc is mounted at a slight angle to the axis of rotation, allowing optimum contact with the surface to be sanded while maintaining the machine's stability.

2. When to change it: The Bare Disc Holder should be changed when it shows signs of excessive wear, deformation or damage. If the device does not hold the sanding disc correctly in the offset position, this can compromise the quality of the sanding and potentially damage the surface. Regular inspection of the Bare remote disc holder, as well as the other components of the edger, is recommended to ensure it is working properly.

Specific instructions for replacing the BLO Bare Disc Holder can be obtained from the Repex Floor manufacturer. The manufacturer's recommendations for maintenance and replacement of parts are always followed to ensure that the equipment operates correctly and is safe to use.

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Bare remote disc holder

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