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2 groove disc pulley - Repex Floor
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2 groove disc pulley

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2 groove disc pulley 3411

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2 groove disc pulley

2 groove disc pulley

2 groove disc pulley for BLO edger

A 2 groove disc pulley on a flanging disc can be used to adjust the speed of rotation of the disc. The two grooves allow a choice between two different pulley diameters, which influences the speed at which the sanding disc rotates. In general, by moving the belt between the two grooves, you can adjust the speed of rotation to meet the specific needs of your sanding job.

When to change the pulley depends on wear and damage. Here are a few signs that might indicate it's time to replace the pulley:

1. Excessive wear: If the pulley grooves show signs of pronounced wear, such as deep grooves or damaged edges, this can affect the performance of the machine.

2. Unusual noises: Friction, rattling or other unusual sounds during machine operation could indicate problems with the pulley.

3. Difficulty adjusting speed: If you have difficulty adjusting the speed of the sanding disc despite making adjustments to the pulley, this could indicate a problem with the pulley itself.

4. Excessive play: If the pulley shows excessive play, i.e. unwanted lateral movement, this may be a sign of problems.

If you observe any of these signs, it would be advisable to consult the Repex Floor manufacturer of your BLO planking machine for information specific to your model or for advice on replacing the pulley. In general, it is essential to replace wearing parts to maintain optimum machine performance.

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2 groove disc pulley

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