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Skirting guard castor - Repex Floor
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Skirting guard castor

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Skirting guard castor

Skirting guard castor

Skirting guard castor for BLO edger

The Skirting Protector Roller on a BLO edger sanding disc is a part designed to protect skirting boards and adjacent surfaces during the sanding process. It is used in parquet sanding.

Here is its main role and when it may need to be changed:

1. Skirting protection: The skirting protection wheel is mounted on the sanding disc of the edger to ensure that sanding is limited to the floor surface without damaging skirting boards or other adjacent elements. It maintains a constant distance between the sanding disc and the wall, preventing scratches or damage to areas not intended for sanding.

2. When to change it: The skirting protection wheel can wear down over time due to abrasion caused by repeated sanding. It should be replaced if it shows signs of significant wear, such as cracks or deformation, or if it is no longer performing its protective function effectively. A worn wheel can compromise the quality of the sanding work and potentially cause damage to adjacent surfaces.

In general, it is advisable to regularly check the condition of all wear parts on a sanding machine, including the skirting wheel, and to replace them as soon as they show signs of excessive wear. This ensures that the equipment operates at optimum efficiency and maintains the quality of the work carried out. Also consult the Repex Floor manufacturer of the BLO edging machine for specific instructions on maintenance and replacement of parts.

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Skirting guard castor

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