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Control handle axis

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Control handle axis 1606NM

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Control handle axis

Control handle axis

The Control handle axis is an essential component of the clutch control mechanism on a Ouragan heavy duty sander or any other sander fitted with a similar clutch. Its main role is to allow the user to control the engagement and disengagement of the clutch to activate or deactivate the rotation of the sanding belt.

Its main functions are as follows:

1. **Clutch control** : The control handle shaft is connected to the sander handle, allowing the user to activate or deactivate the clutch depending on the pressure applied to the handle. When the user squeezes the handle, the pin in the control handle transmits the movement to the clutch mechanism, which engages the tool. When the handle is released, the pin disengages the clutch, stopping the tool from rotating.

2. **Safety and control** : The control handle spindle plays an essential role in the precise control of the sander, allowing the user to work safely and efficiently. It reduces the risk of kickback or unexpected movements when starting the sander.

Wear points on the control handle shaft can vary depending on how the sander is used and the quality of the materials used. Here are some common signs of wear on the control handle shaft:

1. **Excessive play or lateral movement**: Excessive play in the control handle spindle may indicate wear. This can lead to a loss of control and precision when activating the clutch.

2. **Difficulty engaging or disengaging the clutch**: If the control handle becomes difficult to engage or disengage, this may be a sign of wear on the shaft.

3. **Lubricant or grease leakage**: If there are signs of lubricant or grease leakage around the control handle spindle, this may indicate a sealing and wear problem.

When to replace the control handle spindle depends on the extent of wear and how hard the sander is used. If you observe any of the above signs or suspect a problem with the control handle spindle, it is recommended that you have the sander inspected by a Repex Floor Certified Professional for specific maintenance and parts replacement recommendations. It is essential to maintain the sander's components in good working order to ensure the user's safety and the tool's performance.

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Control handle axis

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