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Belt BLO

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Belt BLO 380

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Belt BLO

Belt BLO

Belt BLO for BLO edger 

The main function of a belt in a tucking machine is to transmit the engine's power to the various parts of the machine, thereby facilitating the movement of components and allowing the machine to operate smoothly. In the context of a BLO edger, the belt is used to transfer power from the motor to the edger head or other operating mechanisms.

Here are some reasons why it may be necessary to change the plasterer's belt:

1. Wear: Belts inevitably wear over time due to friction and constant movement. If the belt shows signs of wear, such as cracks, frayed edges or a smooth surface, it's time to replace it.

2. Incorrect tension: A belt that is too tight or too loose can lead to operating problems. If the belt is not properly tensioned, it can slip or jump, affecting the performance of the edger. It is important to check the belt tension regularly.

3. Breakage: A broken belt is an obvious reason for replacement. This can occur due to overloading, incorrect tension, excessive wear, or other factors.

4. Unusual noises: If you hear grinding, whistling or other unusual sounds when operating the tuck-in machine, this could indicate a problem with the belt. Inspection and replacement may be necessary.

5. Misalignment: Incorrect pulley alignment can lead to uneven belt wear. If the belt shows signs of uneven wear, it is advisable to check and correct the alignment of the pulleys.

It is important to follow the recommendations of the Repex Floor edger manufacturer with regard to belt maintenance and replacement, as these recommendations may vary depending on the model year. In general, regular inspection of the belts and replacement when necessary will help to maintain the performance and life of the edger.

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Belt BLO

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