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Cooling fan BLO - Repex Floor
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Cooling fan BLO

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Cooling fan BLO 3009

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Cooling fan BLO

Cooling fan BLO 

Cooling fan BLO sander 

The main function of the motor cooling fan in a BLO edger is to regulate the motor temperature by dissipating the heat generated during operation. The edger motor, like that of any other piece of power equipment, can become very hot during use, and effective cooling is essential to prevent overheating that could damage the motor.

The fan draws in ambient air and directs it towards the motor to dissipate the heat generated during operation. This keeps the motor at an optimum temperature, ensuring efficient operation and prolonging the life of the machine.

It may be necessary to change the cooling fan in the following situations:

1. Physical wear or damage: If the fan is damaged, cracked or shows signs of excessive wear, it may no longer work properly. In this case, replacement is recommended.

2. Cooling problems: If the motor starts to show signs of overheating despite the fan operating correctly, this may indicate a problem with the fan itself. Replacement may be necessary to ensure adequate cooling.

3. Abnormal noises: Unusual noises coming from the fan may indicate internal mechanical problems. If the fan makes rubbing, grinding or other abnormal sounds, it may need to be replaced.

4. Regular checks: As part of preventive maintenance, we recommend that you regularly check the fan's operation and condition. If problems are detected during these checks, it is advisable to replace the fan before serious faults occur.

It is important to consult the manufacturer Repex Floor of the edging machine or to consult the manufacturer for specific instructions on the maintenance and replacement of parts, including the cooling fan.

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Cooling fan BLO

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