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Belt PLOB 812

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Belt PLOB  

Belt PLOB OURAGAN sander  

The belt, as an accessory to the OURAGAN old model PLOB sander, is generally used to transmit the power of the sander motor to a drum or other component of the machine required for sanding. Sanding machines, including the old OURAGAN PLOB model, use belts to ensure the movement of the components required for the sanding operation.

Belt wear points :
1. Surface wear: The belt surface can wear over time as a result of continuous rubbing against other sander components. This wear may manifest itself as cracks, crazing or a smooth surface.

2. Tension: Belt tension must be correctly adjusted to ensure optimum operation. A belt that is too tight or too loose can cause operating problems and premature wear.

When to change the part :

The belt must be replaced in the following cases:

1. If the surface of the belt shows significant signs of wear, such as cracks, fissures or smooth areas.
2. If the belt is damaged, torn or broken.
3. If the belt is slack or over-tensioned, affecting the correct tension required for the sander to operate correctly.
4. If the belt shows signs of deformation or twisting, which can also affect power transmission.

Replacing the belt is essential to maintain the performance of the OURAGAN older model PLOB sander and to ensure efficient sanding. A worn or damaged belt can lead to operating problems and poorer sanding results. We recommend that you check the condition of the belt regularly and replace it as soon as any signs of wear or damage are observed.

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